The difference between a "STOP" and "STOPALL" command, and why we are so passionate about member empowerment

Opting subscribers out of ONE group:

  • To opt-out of a particular group, a subscriber must respond STOP to that group's message

  • The software will opt out of a group based on the last message received

Opting subscribers out of ALL groups:

  • To opt-out of all groups within a texting account, a subscriber must respond "STOPALL" to any message received.

  • The subscriber will then receive a text confirmation to let them know they are no longer subscribed to any texting groups.

We want to empower your members to opt-in, or out, of any group at any moment. This takes the pressure off of you and leaves the power to the end-user creating and establishing a sense of trust and control over what is being received.

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