What kinds of messages count towards the monthly total?

  • Only Outbound messages such as text campaigns and keyword responses count against your total monthly message count

  • Both Inbound (including user notifications) & Compliance messages are complimentary

What is the messaging character limit?

  • There are 160 characters in a single SMS

  • The message compose box has a maximum limit of up to 612 characters using standard GSM encoding, or total 4 SMS parts

  • Any campaign over 160 characters will begin to cost multiple messages per subscriber

    • Features such as the character counter and a total message volume display will provide metrics that show Users how many total messages a single campaign will cost upon sending

    *Keep in mind that using emojis will reduce the character limit of a texting campaign

Can outbound messages contain media (files, docs, pics, etc.)?

  • Future releases on our C2W software will allow this capability

  • In the meantime, we can recommend hosting media on a web page and then placing the web page's link in an outgoing text campaign

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