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Learn how to import your entire contact database

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Definition: A Contact is a collection of personal data points (such as first and last name) tied to a mobile phone number.

*A Contact is NOT the same as a Subscriber.

Instructions: Importing your already existing contacts in the C2W software is the easiest, most effective way to maximize opt-ins and create a seamless transition for your texting groups.

To begin, log into the C2W software. Select the “Contact List” icon, just below the home screen icon.

From here, select the “Import” button that will then expand into the Import Contacts portal.

Download our CSV file template using the blue downward-pointing arrow. The file must be in this specific format (see below) or it will not upload.

1. Fill in relevant data columns:

  • MobileNo = Mobile Phone *(Required)

  • Email = Email Address

  • FirstName = Subscriber’s First Name (Recommended)

  • LastName = Subscriber’s Last Name (Recommended)

  • ImagePath = Future site of profile picture upload (Leave Blank)

2. Save the Import File to your computer

  • Please Note: Once your file is uploaded into the platform, the Ministry by Text software will automatically remove duplicated numbers and will clean up your data (removing dashes, parentheses, periods, etc.). However, please make sure your data has enough digits in the mobile phone column to make a full phone number (this would be 10 digits with the country code +1).

Once you are finished entering the data, save the file to your device and return to the Import Preview screen. Upload your file to your account by clicking the "Upload" icon, selecting the file, and pressing “Save.” Your Contacts will be uploaded and a message will be sent to your registered email address with a breakdown of valid and invalid cell phone numbers.

*Remember, a contact is different from a subscriber. Uploading your database does not automatically opt those numbers into a texting group, that must be done separately.

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