Definition: A subscriber is a mobile number that has consented to receive ongoing text communication from a specific group.

  • *Subscribers can only be imported into pre-existing groups. If you need help with group creation, read our step-by-step article here.

Instructions: Adding subscribers into a group can be done in multiple ways. However, if you already have all of the phone numbers of the members you want to add to the group, wouldn't it save so much time if you could just import them all at once? Thankfully with the C2W software, you can! In just a few steps, you can upload an entire file with member information (the only required field being phone number) and you can be sending messages to your audience within minutes.

First, start by logging into your Ministry by Text account and navigating to the group you would like to import subscribers into. In the top right-hand corner of the screen select the "Subscribers" group tab.

From there, select "Import."

Download our CSV file template using the blue downward-pointing arrow. The file must be in this specific format (see below) or it will not upload.

1. Fill in relevant data columns:

  • MobileNo = Mobile Phone *(Required)

  • Email = Email Address

  • FirstName = Subscriber’s First Name (Recommended)

  • LastName = Subscriber’s Last Name (Recommended)

  • ImagePath = Future site of profile picture upload (Leave Blank)

2. Save the Import File to your computer

  • Please Note: Once your file is uploaded into the platform, the Ministry by Text software will automatically remove duplicated numbers and will clean up your data (removing dashes, parentheses, periods, etc.). However, please make sure your data has enough digits in the mobile phone column to make a full phone number (this would be 10 digits with the country code +1).

Once you have saved your file, select "Click Here to Upload" and you can select the file you just saved. Press "Save" and you have now uploaded subscribers into your specific group!

*Please note that since you are importing users into a particular group, upon pressing save, all group members will immediately receive a complimentary compliance message. This compliance message lets members know which group they have been opted into, and how to opt-out if they choose.

Log in --> Subscribers group tab --> Import --> Download CSV file --> Import your data --> Click here to upload--> Select file --> Save

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