*Disclaimer: Only some mobile devices are capable of displaying a link preview. If this is a feature you would like to utilize, just note that it is device-specific.

Link previews are a more personal, engaging, and trusted way to display URL links within a text message. We recommend following the steps below to provide a more attractive experience for your subscribers. Here are the prerequisites to being able to display them within a message:

  1. Your subscribers MUST save your Communication Code (short code/10DLC) as a Contact in their phone.

    • For example, if your communication code was 77007, your subscribers would save the Communication Code (77007) as a new Contact (the name of your organization) on their phone.

      Example: Save your short code/10 DLC as your organization's name:

      From this:

      To this:

  2. The URL link MUST be the very last text composed within the message:

  3. There CANNOT be any added characters to the link

  4. There can ONLY be one URL inserted within the message.

Once all of these steps have been followed, your link will now look like this to your subscribers:

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