A 10DLC is a new and specially provisioned communication code for application to person (A2P) messaging. While Dedicated Short Codes are still the preferred communication code for bulk messaging, 10DLC are perfect for small ministries and churches who desire competitive messaging and higher throughput at a lower cost. A 10DLC will allow you to send A2P text messages to your audience either individually or at scale with a local phone number.

*10DLC is the only type of long code now that US operators are approving for A2P messaging.*

All Ministry by Text plans come with a unique 10DLC at no extra charge. For PARTNER and BUILD plans, this code serves as a secondary (backup) code in the rare event that a subscriber in your audience base cannot receive messages from a short code. For GROW and TRY plans, your 10DLC will be your primary code for all account activity (messaging, keywords, etc.)

For other questions about 10DLC, please email [email protected]

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