As we all know the tech industry is ever changing, and there are constant improvements as well as new regulations being enforced that we must adhere and abide by. We wanted to make sure you are well informed regarding a recent regulation that could potentially affect your sent messages if you are a user!

Here is an extremely helpful article published by Bandwidth that really gets into the nitty-grittys, and explains the "why" behind these new regulations, but we wanted to inform you about what it means for you, and some different ways to avoid the issues the links are causing.

What is happening?

The issue all boils down to's links redirecting. Since the MBT Software automatically shortens your links, and has also already shortened your links, it is going to cause that link to redirect multiple times. The carriers are now blocking any links that redirect multiple times marking them as spam, which means that any message you send including a link will not deliver.

Is this all links or just links?

This is only happening when links are combined with our link shortening tool. If you are not using and are pasting direct links into the MBT message field, you do not need to worry about the links redirecting multiple times.

MBT software shortens my URL, does that cause it to redirect?

No! Our shortening tool is to save you characters, and also allows you to track the link clicks. You never need to worry about our links not delivering-they are not redirecting multiple times!

What are my options here?

Glad you asked! Here are all of the options we've come up with to help ensure your messages deliver when links are inserted.

  • Exclusively use Mclick: Since the MBT software both shortens and tracks URL's for you, it is not necessary to also use (or any other URL shortening tool). You can easily shorten URL's and track all of the metrics behind them efficiently within your account without using a 3rd party.

  • Purchase a custom domain: If you would like a more personalized option, you're welcome to purchase a custom domain that can also be tracked within our platform as well. So instead of using our custom Mclick domain, you can create your own that aligns more specifically with your brand.

  • Use and turn off the MBT URL shortening feature: If you prefer to use a 3rd party link shortening service, you can turn off the MBT URL shortening feature within your settings, or simply reach out to the MBT team and we can get that taken care of for you. Just note, if that feature is turned off, your links will no longer shorten or be tracked within our software.

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