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TouchPoint - Integration Setup
TouchPoint - Integration Setup

Learn how to setup and map your TouchPoint account with the Ministry by Text app.

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How It Works

The integration between TouchPoint and the Ministry by Text app allows you to message your audience from inside of TouchPoint. This integration gives you access to many of Ministry by Text's features without leaving TouchPoint.

Group Mapping

  • Send messages from TouchPoint using Groups in the Ministry by Text app.

Subscription Management

  • View and manage SMS subscriptions from the People Page.

Prepare Your Ministry by Text Account

Make sure your account is ready for integration with TouchPoint.

  1. If you have not already, sign-up for a new Ministry by Text account. Have questions about signing up? Reach out to our team we would be happy to answer your questions.

  2. Next, you must request to have TouchPoint integration enabled for your MBT account. If you are already working with an Implementation Specialist you can ask for their assistance with this OR reach out to us by email at [email protected]. Just ask that your account have the TouchPoint integration enabled and we'll handle the rest.

  3. Once your account has been enabled for integration with TouchPoint you will see two newly created groups called TouchPoint OTM and TouchPoint SYSTEM. TouchPoint uses these groups for system communication. We will also provide you with the following details:

    • Client ID

    • Secret Key

    You will need these when configuring the Ministry by Text integration inside TouchPoint.

TouchPoint Configuration

Enable the Ministry by Text Integration

  1. Log in to your TouchPoint account.

  2. Navigate to your integration setup.
    Administration > Settings > Integrations > Ministry by Text

  3. Complete the following information:

    • MBT Client ID

    • MBT Client Secret

    • MBT Direct Chat Enable (optional)

    • Ministry by Text Enable

Assign User Roles

Users will need the SendSMS user role in order to send messages from TouchPoint.

  1. Navigate to the People Page of the person you wish to assign permissions to.
    People > {People Page} > System > User Account

  2. Edit the User who needs the permissions.

  3. Under Roles Select SendSMS and Save.

  4. Repeat these steps for every user who will be sending SMS.


The SendSMS role also allows a user to gain access to the Administration > Communication > SMS Messages page where they may view all the sent messages, replies, and also configure reply words.

Add Groups

Adding groups is a crucial step in the integration setup process. Here we will map the groups that TouchPoint uses to send system messages as well as the groups you will use to message your audience. The table below serves as a quick reverence for the 3 types of groups you will encounter while mapping your integration.

MBT Group Name

MBT Group Type

TouchPoint Group Type


TouchPoint OTM (system generated)

Info Group

Use for quick sign-in (OTM)

Reply Words and One-time passcodes

TouchPoint SYSTEM (system generated)

Public Group

Use for system SMS

Attendance Reminders & texting parents from the classroom dashboard

*User Created Groups*

Public Group


*User Created Groups*


Either the Admin or ManageSMS role is required to access the SMS Management page.

  1. Inside of TouchPoint, navigate to SMS Management.
    Administration > SMS Management

  2. From SMS Management, select Add New Group

  3. From this window you will be able to select the groups you wish to map from the Ministry by Text app. It is important to map your TouchPoint OTM and TouchPoint SYSTEM groups now. You may map any other groups as you need them.

    • Group Type: Ministry by Text

    • Campus: *Your Church Campus*

    • Select Group: *User Created Group*

    • User for system SMS: Use this ONLY when mapping the TouchPoint SYSTEM group

    • User for quick sign-in (OTM): Use this option ONLY when mapping the TouchPoint OTM group

  4. Once your groups are mapped the last step will be to add users. In order for a user to send a message to a group in TouchPoint they will need to be mapped to it.

Configure Webhooks

The final step of this integration process is to add the TouchPoint webhooks to your Ministry by Text account. Now that your account has TouchPoint integration enabled you will have access to the integration portal inside of the MBT app.


You must be a Ministry Admin to complete the following steps.

  1. Inside of the MBT app, navigate to Integrations.
    Ministry Details > Integrations

  2. Next to the TouchPoint integration select ADD WEBHOOK and add in your TouchPoint webhooks. For this step, you will need the domain for your TouchPoint organization. With this domain, you will create your Callback URL and Status URL. In the example below our domain is "" Your Callback and Status URLs should look like this:

    • Callback URL: {YourTouchPointDomain}/WebHook/MBT/Incoming

    • Staus URL: {YourTouchPointDomain}/WebHook/MBT/Status

  3. Once created you will now see the newly added webhook in the portal. From here you can update or delete it as needed.

Congratulations, you have now completed the Ministry by Text and TouchPoint integration! 🎉

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