Get Signed Up with MBT

  1. To create an account with MBT, utilize the provided purchase link and choose the plan that best suits your organization ( ).

  2. Once a plan is selected, you will be automatically directed to our registration portal to enter your account and payment details.

  3. After registration is completed, you will be directed to your new account and receive an email confirmation with setup instructions.


Connect MBT with TouchPoint

  1. Once you have created your account and are ready to connect with TouchPoint, please email [email protected] with the following message:

    • Hello MBT Team - Please send over the following TouchPoint credentials for {InsertAccountName}.

      • MBT Client ID

      • MBT Secret key

  2. Once received, we will send back your credentials to plug into TouchPoint.

  3. Log in to the TouchPoint App

  4. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Integrations > Ministry by Text

  5. Copy the MBT Client ID and paste it into the value for the MBT ClientID

  6. Copy the MBT Secret Key and paste it into the value for MBTSecretKey

    • Finally, toggle the settings MinistryByTextEnable and MBTDirectChatEnable (optional) to True

Account Setup

  1. Log into the MBT App

  2. Create an Info group for OTM/Reply Words (Quick Sign-In)

    • *Please Note: ALL reply words will be created within TouchPoint; creating this group just helps us map them back to the MBT app.

  3. Create a Public Group for all System-Wide messages (System SMS)

  4. Log into the TouchPoint App

  5. Assign the SendSMS user role to each user that needs permission to text by going to each individual’s System > User Account tab.

    • *Please Note: The SendSMS role also allows a user to gain access to the Administration > Communication > SMS Messages page where they may view all the sent messages, replies, and also configure reply words.

  6. Click the menu icon under the Actions column, then click Edit.

  7. Check SendSMS (under Basic Level 2) and click Save.

    • *Please Note: You do not create a new user for the individual, just assign them the additional role, and add the role to every user that should be able to send texts.

    • *Please Note: In addition to needing the SendMS role, users will also need to be added to an MBT group as described in Step 10 below.

    • *Please Note: There are two requirements before a user can send a text through TouchPoint:

      • They must have the SendSMS role

      • They must be included in at least one MBT group.

    • *Please Note: Each Keyword for MBT must be associated with a Group in TouchPoint. Only one Group can be associated with each Keyword. However, a user can be assigned to multiple Groups.

  8. Go to Administration > Setup > SMS Management and click the +Add New Group button.

    • *Please Note: Either the Admin or ManageSMS role is required to access this setup page.

  9. Select the Group Type Ministry by Text

    • *Please Note: For MBT Groups, the Campus and Group are set in MBT and are selected from the dropdown list as you set up the Group.

    • *Please Note: When setting up a Group, you must designate one Group as Use for System SMS per the important note below:

      • Certain functions require the system to use SMS messaging - For example: Send Leaders Attendance Reminder and Mobile Quick Sign In. Using the features with MBT will require that one of your MBT groups must be designated for system use (for attendance reminders), and/or must be designated for quick sign-in (for mobile easy sign in). To do this, check the box by Use for System SMS or Use for quick sign-in (OTM), then click Submit. After you have done so, either the words “System SMS” or “Quick Sign-in” will be displayed in a blue badge to the right of that Group.

  10. To add users into the group who are enabled to text, click the green +Add button beside Users for the Group you just created.

  11. Select each of the users you want to add to this Group.

    • *Please Note: Only users with the SendSMS role will appear on the list, so be sure to assign the user roles before getting into this step.

    • *Please Note: If you will be using the Reply Words (Two0Way SMS), check the box under the Receive Notices column for each person that you want to receive an email when someone replies to a text from that group.


Request Technical Support


How can I sync my TouchPoint records with my Ministry by Text account?

  1. Upload your TouchPoint database into your Ministry by Text Contact List

    • *Please Note: This allows the first and last names of your uploaded users to be automatically populated upon being subscribed to the Ministry by Text platform.

  2. Send a message through TouchPoint to a mapped Ministry by Text group

    • Please Note: All valid cell phone numbers that have not been previously mapped to the Ministry by Text group will receive both an opt-in message and your text blast once this process is initiated.

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