How can a new User be trained on the C2W Software?

  • First, make sure that any new Users have been properly invited to your MBT account

  • Next, send them over to the C2W Platform Training Videos page for self-training

What are the permission levels between the different User roles?

  • Ministry Admin – All Access to account, payment, campus, keywords, and group details. (ex. Exec. Pastor, Finance Leader, Communication Pastor)

  • Campus Admin – Access to assigned campus and associated groups. (ex. Communication Team Leaders, Campus Pastor)

  • Group Admin – Ability to create new groups and keywords. (Ex. Ministry Pastor or Ministry Assistant)

  • Group User – Send and respond to messages in assigned groups

    *To view an in-depth table describing different scenarios of User roles and their access, head over to our C2W Glossary and select "Users."

Which User roles can add more Users?

  • Any User can add more Users of the same role level, or lower

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