Scheduled Messages
Learn how to import, export, and edit scheduled messages inside of the MBT app.
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The MBT App (C2W) supports the ability to schedule multiple messages at once using the "Import Schedule" tool available inside every group. This is especially helpful for scheduling multiple messages at once or making updates to already scheduled messages.

How Import Schedule Works

From any Public or Private group inside of C2W you will see the "Import Schedule" tool.

c2w group

Selecting this tool will launch the csv file import window. Just like everywhere else in our application, you are able to download a sample file in order to help you get started.

csv import window

The csv template supports the following fields:

  • Date: mm/dd/yyyy

  • Time: 00:00 AM/PM

  • Time_Zone: Abbreviation (Supported - PST, CST, EST, AST, MST, MST, IST)

  • From: Populate this field if you wish to overwrite the default value for the group. By default, the from field is populated with the group name.

  • Message: Compose your message here.

  • ScheduleId: This value is generated after the message is scheduled and can be used to update messages after import. It is important NOT to edit this field as it is only used by the app.

  • URL: If your account has M-Click enabled, you can add a single long URL to this field to be shortened. To designate the placement of the shortened URL in your message, use the merge tag "{URL}"

schedule message template sample

Once you're happy with your messages, you can import your cvs template into the app.

csv import submit

You will then receive an email notification as to the status of your imported file, as well as you will see the scheduled message listed in the group. If your scheduled message failed to import you will be able to see this status via the email notification.

single scheduled message

After your message has been imported, you can now see any shortened links as well as make adjustments to your message.

c2w message compose window

How Export Scheduled Works

The "Export Scheduled" tool will be accessible in any group that contains scheduled messages. This tool, in combination with the "Import Schedule" tool, can be used to make bulk updates to your scheduled messages.

scheduled messages

Using the spreadsheet tool of your choice you can open and edit the csv file. A few things to note when looking at this file:

  • Any shortened URLs are now included in the "Message" field.

  • The "SchduleID" field is now populated. The app will reference this field when re-uploading your file in order to update the previously scheduled messages. It is important NOT to edit this field.

scheduled messages csv

In the sample below, you can see that the "Time" was updated from 2:00 PM to 1:30 PM for all messages.

scheduled messages csv

Once you've made you're desired updates, simply re-upload the csv file using the same process as before. Below you can see a sample of changes made to scheduled messages inside of the app.

updated scheduled messages

How to Delete Scheduled Messages

If you would like to delete any of your scheduled messages, you can easily do this inside of the group without having to export or import any files. From any group, select the "Scheduled Messages" tab and then the messages you wish to delete.

scheduled messages

Once you are happy with your selection, you can proceed with selecting delete. You will be prompted to confirm your selection before the messages are deleted.

confirm deleted messages

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